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Hi! everyone! Here is the simplified Chinese Localization !

Chinese translation version:V1.0
game version:V1.3.2

steam guide

Unzip the downloaded files and put the assets folder into the game root directory

The game directory is:



Effect diagram:

Creative Workshop I downloaded a map, XXX.hwm.
How to open his editor I do I want to modify, or to see or hide the bodies.

 :) :) :)

Technical Support / about the fonts in the game
« on: July 14, 2016, 08:03:40 AM »
hey, i want to translate the game into chinese but the game only support fonts in 10 pixels. most of the chinese characters don't have this type of fonts. last time the author recommanded a software called Bitmap that can transfer texts into pixel images but the game still can not recognize it. so i hope that the author could suggest a way to solve the font problems. it will be better if the game can support .ttf fonts. thanks

The fonts we use just don't have those characters. You could replace the fonts, but I don't even know if its doable to make such small (6 pixels i think) chinese fonts?

If I now and a font file, what should I do? How to write code?

Hello, I used your translation patches, feeling good, I want to make a Chinese translation of the patch, but not, do not display text. Why? The game does not support UTF-8??? Or because of the lack of character of the problem?

e="m.plr1">Spieler 1</string>
   <string name="m.plr2">Spieler 2</string>
   <string name="m.plr3">Spieler 3</string>
   <string name="m.plr4">Spieler 4</string>

   <string name="">Spielen</string>
   <string name="m.singlep">sing-单人模式-lep.</string>
   <string name="m.multip">Mehrsp.</string>
   <string name="m.options">Optionen</string>
   <string name="m.credits">Abspann</string>
   <string name="">Hilfe</string>
   <string name="m.quit">Ende</string>

“单人模式”  ==  “singlep”

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